Quinoa Flour Bread

I am reblogging this awesome recipe! I plan to try this very soon.

Pep's Free From Kitchen

24 December 2015: Recipe has been updated. Read about it here. Recipe below is updated version.

A recipe starting with a caveat? Well that’s promising. Don’t worry, but do read the first paragraph before jumping to the recipe, please.

I know that I’m making this more than it needed to be, but I understand the cost of ingredients and have been burned by other’s carelessness so I’d rather be the a fuddle-duddy and be cautious. Firstly you can tell this recipe is just a tweak of my Buckwheat Flour Bread recipe, you see I want to make the most of what little quinoa flour I have and I couldn’t think of anything better than a bread with so many possibilities. Now here’s the heads up, the bread I baked is half of what the recipe states, but it has been baked in a small tin that’ll give the same…

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